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There’s no Job to small for us to take on.

General Repairs

From pressure cleaning to mold removal and repair. We got you covered. We can do most repair jobs fast and affordably.

Home watch services

We offer our Absentee Home Watch, Condo Care, Home Management and other home watch services to homeowners in the Naples area.

Home Improvement

Ready for a new floor, kitchen or bath update, specialty LED lighting, door installation, tricked out woodwork then you’re ready for us.

Damage Repairs

Tile & Stone
Tile/stone repairs can be tricky. Contact us for a free evaluation to see what is your best solution.
Door Adjustments
Have your door/s become hard to open/close? They just don’t work the way they should? How about your pocket door? Won’t slide easily? Contact us for a fast free quote. We’ll make them work like they should.
Mold Removal & Repair
We can do minor mold removal plus get to the root of the problem. Give us a call for a fast free quote.
Wall Damage
We can do wall repairs of all types. Give us a call for a fast free quote.

Home Watch

About Our Watch Services

We offer weekly, bi-monthly and monthly options plus we can customize a service to fit your needs. Check out our options below.

Basic Watch Services

Our basic watch service includes:

Home Exterior

Walk the perimeter of the home and check for overall condition, erosion, signs of water leakage or drainage issues.
Check landscaping for potential problems, in the event a landscaping
issue is noticed landscapers will be notified for correction.
Check windows screens and doors for any damage or signs of intrusion
Check mailbox forward first class mail, remove newspapers and fliers
Check exterior walls and trim for visible signs of maintenance issues
Check garage, open and close garage doors
Check exterior lights, replace bulbs when necessary
Visually check siding and walls for cracks and water issues
Check fences and walls both within the interior and exterior of the property
Check for any visual damage and potential issues on property
Visually check for any insect or pest intrusion
Check decks steps and walkways to remain clear

Home Interior

Visually check the overall condition of the home
Visually check for stains signs of water leaks; ceilings, windows and doors
Visually check signs of pest intrusion
Check windows for signs of mold and verify they are locked
Visually check circuit breakers and reset any that have flipped
Check decks for water ponding and dry rot.
Run garbage disposal, dishwasher, washer machine and dryer
Check refrigerator and freezer adjust settings accordingly
Reset any clocks if needed
Flush all toilets and wait until the run is complete
Check thermostat, run heating and air conditioning to verify operation
Check the settings of room humidifiers service humidifiers if needed
Visually check for signs of mildew and mold
Reset security system upon departure

Our basic services are offered at base rates. We can customize services to fit your needs.

Basic Services

Monthly Home Checks: $100/month (1 visit per month)
Bi-Monthly Home Checks: $200/month (2 visits per month)
Weekly Home Checks: $400/month (4 visits per month)

Custom Watch Services

Tell us your concerns and we will create a custom service to fit your special needs.

Landlord Watch Services

It can be tough to coordinate repair people with your tenants when they work full time. We have the flexibility to allow access to service and repair providers and oversee work done in a home.

Senior Watch Services

Adult children living far away from mom and dad can depend on us to coordinate repairmen, special deliveries and more for senior parents who may be challenged by this process.

Construction & Repair Management

Welcome Home Preparation (arrival)
Fond Farewell (departure)
Alarm response, wait for police, then reset
Pricing for the above services upon request
Appointment Service
We coordinate access and meet anyone you authorize such as maintenance, delivery, repair, pest control and utility providers for
$60 per hour.



Want a fresh look? Our interior painting service is second to none. Give us a call for a fast free quote. No job too small!

Kitchen/Bath Upgrades

Is your kitchen/bath needing new hardware, new doors, refinished doors, or  a beautiful new set of cabinets. Call us for a fast affordable quote.

Flooring Installation

Vinyl, laminate, wood, or tile! Give us a call for a fast affordable quote.

LED Lighting

Change out to or add new LED lighting to enhance your home like never before. Call for a fast affordable quote.

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